Among the Leading Roofing Companies | Do You Need a New Roof in Sevenoaks?

With time, your pitched or flat roof will begin to deteriorate. Homeowners often have a hard time spotting damage until it’s too late, resulting in the need for roof repairs from a time-serve roofer. If you live in Sevenoaks or the surrounding areas, call Roofing First for a new roof, made using the most innovative materials on the market.


Roofing companies will know what to look for when inspecting your installation. Tell-tale signs include the following and more:

Old Age – Even new roofs with EPDM or GRP fibreglass have a life expectancy. While many come with decades-long warranties, they often hold firm for many years longer. A pitched roof may last for upwards of 50 years, while a flat roof can stand for more than 25.


Missing or Collapsed Tiles – Tiles may curl up or fall away from the home. If they buckle or collapse, it will expose your home in Sevenoaks to rainy weather. Roof repairs from a talented roofer may resolve the issue, but a new roof installation ensures each tile meets a high standard.


Have you browsed roofing companies that can provide replacement slates and tiles? Roofing First works with the utmost care on pitched and flat roofs alike.


Gutter Problems – We all know that a clogged gutter can lead to problems, but less known is the collection of degrading roof materials. In fact, too many pieces of slate in the gutter may cause it to collapse altogether. In our role among the local roofing companies, we can maintain your roofline in Sevenoaks through a hassle-free service.


Moisture and Light – When’s the last time you checked the condition of your loft? If you see light, it’s a sure sign that water gets in too. It’s always worth checking for moisture damage in the woodwork. Skilled in all forms of roof repairs, our expert roofers can fix all parts of the structure or install a new roof complete with high-performing timber.


Water Damage – Without maintenance, pitched and flat roofs in Sevenoaks can fail to provide a watertight seal. Modern GRP fibreglass and EPDM work hard to prevent water ingress, but older roofs will likely need fast roof repairs. A new roof from one of the trusted roofing companies can resolve this issue – meaning fewer roof repairs from an experienced roofer in the longer term.


Mould and Moss – Originating from moisture on the roof, moss can lift your roof tiles and allow the entry of water. Even if the tiles remain in place, they can become saturated with water when it rains. Our roofers clear this moss away, perform any needed roof repairs and can fit a new roof when the time comes.


As the first choice among roofing companies in Sevenoaks and the nearby regions, Roofing First performs a robust service. We can restore your pitched roof with flashings and chimney repointing and lay attractive flat roofs in a range of materials.

Does your property in Sevenoaks need a new roof? Call 01622 438 252 or 07543 092 873 to speak with one of the area’s recommended roofing companies.

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