Constructing High Quality Flat Roofs in Maidstone & the wider South East | Roofing First

First choice amongst roofing companies in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Roofing First installs long-lasting flat roofs that keep everything from garages and extensions to garden outbuildings warm and dry. Working with three different materials: felt, EPDM and GRP, we provide a bespoke service to ensure you the perfect roof for your functional requirements and budget.

Types of Flat Roofs

Felt – Historically, felt flat roofs have been one of the most popular choices not just in Maidstone, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, but Kent and the wider south east of England. This is due to their affordability, and the fact they are breathable, highly water-resistant and won’t shrink when high temperatures roll through.

EPDM – An abbreviation of Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, this material is one of the most popular modern options for flat roofs. With life spans that often exceed 50 years, EPDM flat roofs also bring an exceptional level of UV resistance to the table, and are known for their ease of installation.

GRP – Short for glass reinforced plastic, GRP is a composite material manufactured with strand mat glass fibres. This makes it watertight and highly resistant to the elements. GRP flat roofs are quickly installed by our capable roofers, and are ready for action in under 24 hours, as soon as the resin’s set.

The Benefits of GRP Flat Roofs

While each material has its own niche, many roofing companies now recommend GRP over and above other options like felt and EPDM. Why? Because of their unrivalled strength and the degree of protection they afford a property in or around Maidstone, Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells. GRP is moulded to perfectly fit flat roofs, and comes with an additional topcoat that can be sourced in a range of colours.

Our GRP flat roofs come with 25 year guarantees, but they’re well known to last over 40 years when well looked after; so should you discover an issue at some point down the line, don’t hesitate to contact our team for prompt roof repair.

Flat Roof Repair

Damp & Water Damage – Over time, the surface of flat roofs can begin to degrade, and this is especially noticeable if residual rain water pools on the roof. This can lead to problems such as cracks, damp and even leaks. If you’ve noticed any of these issues then our roofers can quickly attend your Maidstone, Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells property to patch any leaks, repair any structural damage and, if relevant, recommend the best course of action to prevent the issue reoccurring.

Blistering & Holes – When vapour finds a route under your roof membrane, blisters can start to form. These then may increase in size as the temperature fluctuates. Ultimately, this leads to a weak spot within your roofing system which needs professional attention. We can quickly deal with these blisters and if they’re symptomatic of a wider problem, repair or replace the area of concern.

Have a question about flat roofs, or the installation service we provide the Maidstone, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells areas? Call 01622 438 252 or 07543 092 873.