Roof Repair in Tunbridge Wells | A Brief History of Roofing in the UK From Your Local Area’s Qualified Roofers

Modern roofs provide solid coverage above your head, but they weren’t always so reliable. Over time, processes change and materials improve – granting a host of benefits such as the ability to deliver fast roof repairs. Roofing companies today should blend proven workmanship with quality products, so you can enjoy a cutting-edge new roof that keeps the home secure. Serving Tunbridge Wells and the nearby regions, our roofers apply innovative flat roof membranes and deliver modern solutions for long-term coverage.


Professional roofing companies know to perform roof repairs without damaging the look of the property itself. For homeowners in the Tunbridge Wells area, our roofers do just that. See below for a quick look at the UK’s roofing history and get in touch to learn about our modern systems.

Traditional Roofing Options


The Earliest Roofs – Initially made from thatch, early roofs featured reeds, grass and leaves. Popular for over three centuries, old thatch roofs could easily catch fire – a factor that contributed to the Fire of London in 1666. Thankfully, new roofs around Tunbridge Wells and Kent mainly consist of slates, tiles and flat roof membranes.


Clay and Slate – The Romans were likely the first to use clay tiling. Due to their heavy nature, clay tiles were often limited to the local area. In the 12th Century, King John decided that clay should serve as the material of choice. Roofing companies today continue to lay natural slate for homes around Tunbridge Wells.


Once limited to Wales and the North West, waterproof slate is now used for roof repairs and new roofs up and down the country. Our roofers install slates, tiles, and often replace ageing materials across Tunbridge Wells.


Flat Roofs – Did you know that flat roofing originated in the Middle East? With less rainfall, homeowners could enjoy cheap coverage without a pitch. However, it wasn’t until the 19th Century that flat roofs came into their own, especially for commercial spaces.


 Businesses in the US would often create a façade to copy this ‘city-based’ look, choosing to hide their pitched roofs to attract customers.


Cutting-Edge New Roofs From the Experienced Roofers


Roofing companies today must combine their skills with lasting materials, together with manufacturer guarantees for customer peace of mind. New roofs should last for decades no matter the material – be it slate, EPDM rubber or GRP fibreglass.


As experienced roofers, we perform quick roof repairs without compromising the parts of the roof that remain in good condition.


While pitched slates and tiles continue to prove the ideal choice for homes in Tunbridge Wells and Kent, property owners often select flat roofing for their garages and extensions. These protect against fire damage, keep the water out and insulate the interior at a low cost. For a free quote from one of Kent’s top roofing companies, please contact Roofing First.

Do you need a new roof or roof repairs in the Tunbridge Wells area? Call our fully qualified roofers on 01622 438 252 or 07543 092 873.

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