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Over a long enough period of time, both pitched roofing systems and flat roofs will need to be replaced; protected buildings and sites of historical significance may maintain their roofs, but at extravagant costs (the constant need for roof repair) and with a number of draw backs – such as a serious lack of energy efficiency! But how do you know when it comes time to invest in new roofs? Roofing First, as the first pick amongst roofing companies covering Tunbridge Wells, has looked to answer this question.

If you’re already keen to have an experienced roofer look over yours to check its health, we’d urge you to call us on 01622 438 252 or 07543 092 873. The same goes if you’re in need of any of other roofing services detailed across this website – such as roof replacement. We’ll be able to book a consultation and issue you a no obligation quote, that’s guaranteed to be competitive amongst Tunbridge Wells roofing companies.

Signs You Might Require a Roof Replacement

Age – Pitched roofing can last for many, many years when well looked after – there are plenty you’ll find in and around Tunbridge Wells which are well over 50 years and holding firth, with little issue. And now, with the rising popularity of EPDM and GRP, flat roofs can last many decades too. But if you know your roof to be somewhat on the “ancient” side – it’s a good idea to request an inspection from roofing companies, to ensure there aren’t vulnerabilities that could be affecting its performance.

Missing Tiles – One of the most minor roof repairs that any roofer will handle on a day-to-day basis, missing and collapsed tiles aren’t usually a big problem by themselves; we’ll supply an identical tile to keep a consistent aesthetic, ensuring your roof stays water tight and leak free. But if you’ve found that tiles are falling off regularly, it may the sign of a more serious problem, and the cost of roof repair, and all future repairs, may offset the cost of simply investing in roof replacement.

Moisture Access – Have you taken a look in your attic anytime recently? If you can shafts of light or signs of pest infestation, it’s a sure fire sign that the structural integrity of your roof has been compromised. Should a serious storm roll into Tunbridge Wells, you may find yourself with a nasty leak and significant property damage. While roof repair is certainly an option to patch up compromised pitched roofing (and compromised flat roofs), roofing companies you call into assess the damage may find it a bit of a false economy, if the roof is so old or poorly installed that the issue is sure to reoccur.

Moss & Mould – These substances thrive off moisture rich environments, so both pitched roofing and flat roofs can be areas in which they grow unimpeded. In serious cases, moss can get under tiles and lift them. Now only very serious cases which have been ignored for years and years will call for the construction of entire new roofs; in most cases we encounter around Tunbridge Wells – usually when carrying out an inspection or roof cleaning, two of our core roofing services – moss and mould can be cleared up before any subsequent, essential roof repairs are carried out.

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