How Changing Seasons Can Impact Your Flat Roof in Tonbridge | Call One of the Area’s Leading Roofing Companies

It’s not uncommon to think about how rain may damage your flat roof, but few think about intense heat or freezing conditions. As one of the trusted roofing companies in the Tonbridge area, our roofers fix roof structures all year round and fit quality materials complete with meaningful guarantees. We install new roofs, perform reliable roof repairs and boast an ever-growing list of clients.


Please call our roofers to discuss your needs in Tonbridge or the surrounding areas. We apply felt bitumen, EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass based on your requirements.

Blistering in Summer – Water from below the membrane may expand in the heat, causing a blister to grow until it tears the felt away. A blistered flat roof will only get worse with time, so rely on one of your local roofing companies to undertake roof repairs without delay.


Heat Expansion and Contraction – Heat may cause your old roof to expand and contract. This shift can expose the layers beneath, allowing for water ingress and subsequent water damage. Our roofers install high-quality new roofs to minimise this issue, giving your home in Tonbridge a flat roof designed to stand against high temperatures and UV rays.


Autumn Leaves and Debris – While the fall brings with it gorgeous browns and bold reds, blown debris in the gutter proves far less attractive. The best roofing companies around Tonbridge, like Roofing First, offer one-off gutter cleaning work as well as regular services. By hiring a roofer to maintain the roofline, you keep your new roof in great condition and need fewer roof repairs as a result.


Ponding in Winter – Although rare in Tonbridge and the South East, snow can collect on a flat roof and cause it to buckle under the additional weight. By calling one of the area’s top roofing companies, you receive a durable structure that fully supports the weight of snow on your new roof. Anything less from a roofer could cause ponding when the ice thaws.


Freeze-Thaw and Ice Dams – Flat roofs aren’t actually built horizontally, but rather, crafted at a slight pitch for smooth water runoff. In winter, the heat from inside your Tonbridge or Kent home will rise and melt the snow, which then turns into water. If allowed to refreeze due to a blocked gutter, this water may expand small cracks so water can enter the home. This will naturally mean a visit from a local roofer.


For new roofs at the peak of winter, ice dams can serve as a real problem. Built-up ice adds strain on the roofline and can cause long-term damage that only a time-served roofer can fix.


Not all roofing companies around Tonbridge operate to the same standards. Roofing First may specialise in GRP flat roofs, but we also respond quickly to undertake all types of roof repairs in the South East. In addition, our experts do it all a competitive price!

Call one of the leading roofing companies around Tonbridge on 01622 438 252 or 07543 092 873 to discuss flat roofs and professional roof repairs.

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